Lewis Hopkins

Second year Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies student at Cardiff University.
Freelance writer for several publications including 'The Tab' and 'Gair Rhydd'.
Currently looking to gain industry experience/internship to further my career in journalism.

The Street Art of Roath

City Road in Roath may not be the most picturesque area of Cardiff, usually littered with pieces of furniture, clothing, empty lager cans and polystyrene kebab boxes. There are numerous restaurants and fast food outlets, a large variety of ethnic supermarkets and a sprinkling of garages. Don’t get me wrong Roath has some beautiful parts to it, namely the park, but City Road is not one of them. But the hidden masterpieces that can be found down the back alleys of City Road will thought-provokingly stop you in your tracks!

The male contraceptive pill is ‘a step closer’, but would us men take it?

According to researchers a male contraceptive pill, that identifies and blocks two specific proteins which in turn prevents the launch of sperm cells from the testes during ejaculation, may be ready for mass production sooner than we think. The pill has been initially tested on genetically engineered mice which made them temporarily infertile, while they continued to mate as normal. For fertility experts this pill is the holy grail, and one that has proved particularly elusive. But we’ll leave a...

I selfie, therefore I am.

So it seems the word ‘selfie’ has been named word of the year by the Oxford Dictionary with research suggesting its frequency in the English language had increased by 17,000% in the past year. It states that the term has evolved from a niche social media tag into a general mainstream term for a self-portrait photograph. To qualify for word of the year, the said word or phrase does not have to be invented in the last year, it simply has to have notably risen to prominence in that time. The word ‘...
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